The goal of design is to make our world better. Good design is functional, visually appealing and noble. Yet, when combining those ‘good’ aspects with another form of design, it becomes great. For example, in architecture, great design starts with a great concept and if done successfully, is completed internally with the work of professional interior designers. This creates cohesion from the outside-in and the inside-out. It sticks with the story of the business/home and creates an internal experience to the people occupying it.

A building is designed with the exterior and interior in mind. The exterior is crucial no matter what the scope of the project is because that’s what draws people in. Once clients/customers/guests have entered the building, this is where the magic happens; This is where the business deals go down; This is where the memories are made. It’s all about the people occupying the space. After all, what’s a space without people?

If a client hires an architect to design a building but has no interest in hiring an interior designer to finish out the space, then there will be a noticeable difference and therefore, little cohesion throughout the project. It might look a little something like this on the inside:

When in reality, it could be completed to look more like this:

Now, this isn’t just looks we’re talking about. This is a realistic transformation that will bring about positive change through the occupants within the environment. Through the extensive research and application from the professionals, the composition will revolutionize as a timeless, and tenacious piece within its surroundings.

The connection between the building and interiors remains critical. We should continue to look to define a working relationship that will support the distinction of both groups as well as their inherent connection.

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