There’s no doubt this has Jacob written all over it. He even helped me create this, which was fun (and probably the reason it’s so accurate). To be honest, Jacob and I don’t really do gifts for each other over the Holidays. It’s not really our love language. We really desire quality time and acts of service. Plus, we’re pretty good (or bad) about getting the things we really want, when we want them throughout the year. Maybe you can relate?

I love this gift guide and I think it really answers a lot of questions for me, and hopefully you too! Guys are so hard to buy for sometimes. Hopefully this relieves some of the stress, and gives a good direction towards what to surprise your adventurous guy with this Christmas. -ash

shop these items: 1. t-shirt | 2. goggles | 3. socks | 4. growler | 5. wallet | 6. cruiser | 7. backpack | 8. flannel | 9. ball cap | 10. knife | 11. boots