You know those staple pieces in your closet that just, MAKE your closet? The textile you can’t live without. The piece that brings it all together. The garb that literally goes with everything…?

Yep, I found it. It’s this army green/utilitarian pocket/perfect length beauty. And it’s mine, for 25 bucks. Thanks, T.J. Maxx.

It literally goes with me everywhere. If I traveled the world, it’d be my first pick, along with these killer Target boots. I’d walk all over this planet in those guys.

Seriously, though. I literally wore it all day today with an Urban Outfitters mustard, Moroccan patterned dress, dark green cargo skinnies and boots. I also threw in one of my new necklaces from my Bohemian Collection. It was more comfortable than epic. But, still epic.

This outfit is pretty typical of one that I would just throw together on any given day. Not a ton of thought, just comfortable and cute. My favorite. 🙂


photography: Lydiah Christine Photo