More like, TJ Maxx meets J.Crew meets LC Lauren Conrad meets Nine West meets Fossil. But, we’ll stick with the shorter version. TJ Maxx meets J.Crew. 

I’ll be honest, I was a little anxious about this shoot. I would typically organize every little detail to the last second, figure up locations, styling, and how to direct to get “the shot.” But for some reason, this time, I gathered what I needed and let it be.

I’m so thankful I did because little did I know, the photographer, Lydi Christine, already had all the plans laid out for us. It all started like, “Hey I’m Ash, I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m so excited.” Then she responds, “hey, I’m Lydiah, me too, we’re awesome.” And it basically ended up being a session of creative explosion where two minds  that think alike, bounce off of each other and transport brains to dreamland. Which is a real place.  

Back to the garb.

This is the outfit that says, “hey, I just got off of work but I still look kinda cute, we should go out.”

It’s also a great transition piece from summer to fall since the atmosphere can’t seem to make up its mind. The J.Crew shirt is super light, yet still a nice sleeve for comfort indoors at work when it’s chilly. The TJ Maxx maroon jeans are a great color for fall, super soft, and one of my main go-to’s right now. 

The boot and socks thing is something I’ve always done. For some reason, I (sometimes) just don’t love the transition between boot and jeans. This keeps things running smoothly from top to bottom. Plus, it ties in the solid color top by bringing a pop to the bottom. Bonus! 

Sometimes it’s tricky to become inspired with your wardrobe when you haven’t been shopping in awhile (please tell me I’m not alone in this!). I’ve gotten a few new pieces here and there for fall but I’m still wearing a lot of last year’s (ahem, last five+ years) get-up. It’s cool, though. I’ll accept the challenge in combining the new with the old, and really, no one will ever notice. Just put a necklace on it. Or a scarf…my personal favorite.

I’m really pumped to bring you more style content and a peak into my life. Remember, we’re being real over here. I don’t shop daily, weekly, sometimes even monthly. It’s not insanely glamorous, but then again it is. It is because I feel like my heart is in the right place, and there’s so much I want to bring to this creative community/design world. So much that needs to be said. 

Join me! Share your heart and creativity with me. We’re stronger when we’re together. 

Have an amazing Thursday! 


// all photos taken by Lydiah Christine for ALDS //

Outfit: Watch / Necklace (similar) / Jeans / Top (similar) /  Boots (similar)