It is a very wintery white Saturday in Kansas. Finally. For a second, I thought for sure the clouds were only sticking around to hold in the miserable freezing air instead of spitting their beauty-flakes on us. I guess they changed their minds. I’m thankful.

However, this morning I was not the, let’s say, “grateful type.” It was more of the natural frown, nothing-is-right kind of start to the day. Not good. I guess I’ll blame it on my horribly put-together outfit (?) even though it’s Saturday and I usually don’t care. It was one of those moods where you roll out of bed a minute too late and don’t give yourself enough time to get ready and then the whole time your getting ready, your beating yourself up for hitting snooze an extra three times. Or perhaps, one of those moods where you have so many ideas brewing in your brain that you can’t keep them straight. Which eventually carries into sulking in those thoughts so long that you never start anything and get absolutely nothing done. It’s terrible! Surely I’m not alone in this??

I was sure of one thing. I knew I needed to go to the hardware store. So, Jacob took us to get our ritual Saturday morning coffee and headed straight there. I continued to feel tense and annoyed, for whatever reason. You see, I think I really just wanted to design/create something. These are the stupid moods I get when I haven’t done that in a while, or I have an unfinished project sitting around. I’m such a peach, right? Jacob jokes and says, “she’s not easy to please,” in a funny voice. Hah, I’m starting to question if it’s an actual joke.

Long story long, I’m about to have an ugly meltdown in the middle of Home Depot while trying to explain what I wanted to design to Jake and feeling like I wasn’t getting through or didn’t have the correct resources to complete it. He simply walked away (meanwhile, I was thinking, “what the heck?”) and took me down a different isle. It had copper. Enough said.

We talked, not my strong suit, he brought me back to reality and graciously explained the fact that my ideas are one hundred thousand steps ahead of where they need to be. I agreed. You see I tend to do this often. I try to shoot for the moon in one day without doing the proper planning and thought-provoking steps it takes to get there. I know “success” doesn’t come easy. I’m just ready and willing to work so hard at whatever it is to get there. To “make it.” I really do have unrealistic expectations of where I think I should be in life. It’s dumb, and probably sinful. Do you do this too sometimes?

Once my senses started working properly again and my heart beat at its normal pace, we really got down to business. We started dreaming up and collaborating on a design for a lamp that we needed for one of our nightstands. Boom. Instantly gratified. It was exactly what I needed. Here is what we came up with!

I seriously love it. It’s the perfect touch to our little space. I truly am so thankful for the day, even with the rough start. As much as I hate those moods, I’m thankful for them because they are almost always a learning experience. They don’t usually last long, and I end up with a full heart on the other side.

Thanks for reading, listening and laughing along with me. I love your comments and feedback! How is your weekend going?


Ps. I started to write this post with overflowing positivity and an obsessive amount of exclamation points, but it didn’t feel right. I want to use this space to be real. To share real thoughts, real stories with a real heart. Thanks for sharing life with me!