There are some things in life that get stuck in your heart and you just got to let it out. Share it with others. Discover what others think about it. Dream of ways to incorporate it into your life. Of course I’m talking about iridescent materials used in design. There are so many options when incorporating this beauty into spaces, or even on the runway. You can use it in a small way for a little pop, or employ this tactic in a big way for impact! It’s just too darn good.

Kite via DesignMilk Kite via DesignMilk via tumblr via tumblr

Some of you may be most familiar with it being used in the production of tile. Equally beautiful.

via house & garden     via house & garden via mstoneandtile via mstoneandtile via great wall  via great wall

Or perhaps through fashion…

backpack via urban outfitters backpack via urban outfitters via atlantic-pacific blog via atlantic-pacific blog via tumblr via tumblr via buzznet via buzznet

Definitely hooked on that dress. Probably not a good choice for my pasty bones, but a girl can dream…

And, um, speaking of dreaming, did you see T-Swift last night at the Grammy’s? Yeeaaaaaahh….Gimme.

via mtv via mtv

There’s no lie, iridescent in design is officially #trending. Plan on seeing it a lot this year. Fine by me, but what do you think?


For more information on iridescent in design, visit Kara Paslay Design